How Much Alcohol is Safe?

A review of 83 scientific studies covering almost 600,000 current alcohol drinkers in 19 higher-income countries shows that men and women who take in as few as six drinks a week (100 grams of alcohol) are at increased risk for death from strokes, h ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | April 22nd, 2018
Can You Eat Too Much Fruit

Many scientific studies show that eating whole fruit is healthful, even for people who are diabetic. However, this month I learned that some people, especially those who are overweight, prediabetic or diabetic, may be harmed by eating very large am ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | April 15th, 2018
Artificial Sweeteners, Obesity and Diabetes

Virtually all scientists agree that North Americans need to reduce their intake of sugar, but their views on artificial sweeteners are not as clear. Increasing evidence is showing that artificial sweeteners are not benign substitutes for sugar. In ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | April 8th, 2018
Lectin-Containing Foods are Good For You

The latest fad diet tells you to try to avoid lectin-rich foods and to buy their products that are supposed to block lectins in the foods that you eat. However, scientific studies show that eating the common foods with high-lectin content is associ ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | April 1st, 2018
Fiber Helps to Prevent and Treat Obesity and Diabetes

More than 70 percent of North American adults are overweight and almost 50 percent will become diabetic. A new study from China shows that eating more fiber-containing foods encourages growth of bacteria in your colon that can lower high blood suga ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | March 25th, 2018
Another Reason Not to Take Calcium Pills

Recently I reported on studies showing that calcium pills do not help to prevent bone fractures. This week a well-planned study shows that taking calcium pills, both with and without vitamin D, is associated with increased risk for pre-malignant se ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | March 11th, 2018
Eat Whole Foods, Not Processed Foods, to Lose Weight

Overweight people who eat mostly whole foods rather than processed foods can lose weight without counting calories or restricting portion sizes. • A new study from Stanford showed that restricting processed foods, particularly added sugars a ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | March 4th, 2018
Cheese and Yogurt May Help to Prevent Fractures

Most doctors tell patients suffering from osteoporosis to increase their intake of calcium, but the scientific literature shows that calcium pills do not help to prevent or treat bone fractures. This implies that you should get your calcium from fo ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | February 25th, 2018
Dietary Changes Lecture Slides

This video contains slides from Dr. Gabe Mirkin's 2018 lecture on Dietary Changes to Help You Lose Weight and Prevent Heart Attacks, Diabetes and Cancers     ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | February 20th, 2018
How Fiber Helps to Prevent Disease

We have known for a long time that high-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits and seeds are associated with lower risk for heart attacks, strokes, many cancers, obesity, type 2 diabetes, dementia and other diseases. Recent studies on gut bacteria ...

By Gabe Mirkin, MD | January 14th, 2018
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